03 Sep

There is no denying that video content is surging nowadays. Estimates point to the fact that by 2021, over 80% of all consumer internet traffic will comprise video content. That will be a whopping one million minutes of video crossing the network every single second. And if we think about it, the trend does make a lot of sense. Writing, after all, appeared on the world stage as a means of documenting various events. With video content now an ever more accessible possibility for more and more people, one could even go as far as saying that writing is on the decline. In any case, video content is incredibly popular; it’s fun, entertaining, and easier to digest. With that in mind, here are four great ways to use video on your website.

Showing off product features.

When a potential customer comes onto your website, the chances are that they are looking for information regarding your products or services. To help these people along their buyer’s journey, post one or more videos that depict your product, its features, its capabilities, and how it operates. Google pointed out the importance of how-to videos and how over 65% of millennials turn to them regularly as a means of picking up a new skill. Now, even though product videos are not how-to videos, per se, they are, however, strongly related.

The homepage video.

Another great use of video on your website is the homepage background video. Now, this may not always be a solution for every site out there, mainly depending on the industry. It is, nevertheless, a right way of giving the visitor a sense of the way your company operates as well as the problems that your company solves.
Consider adding it in the background, right above the fold of the screen. It’s also a good idea to show your product at different stages of the development process in a sort of “behind the scenes” montage. Not only will this give your viewers a better sense of your company’s culture but it will also build your brand’s reputation.

Video testimonials.

Examples of social proof, such as testimonials, are a great use of video on your site. People aren’t generally attracted to companies that continuously brag about themselves and their products since it makes them seem less humble than they should be. Instead, have someone else do the bragging for you.
Ask several of your most satisfied customers if they were willing to explain in a few sentences how your product or service helped them in their personal or professional life. Video testimonials work better than their text counterparts because they also provide emotion, which is generally missing in written texts.

The about us page.

The About Us page is all about your story. Reading about how a company got its start, and how it managed to get to where it is today may not be the most impactful way of getting your message across.
A video, on the other hand, can better communicate the atmosphere of the events, the personalities that made it all possible, the perspective of the company, and much more. It can all be achieved in a one or two-minute-long video, rather than a 300-word-long piece of text.


The list here is by no means exhaustive, but it can give you a general idea about how to incorporate videos into your website and what benefits they can bring to the table. With Seekalook, you can make all of this possible. Our team of professionals will be more than happy to help with all of your video needs. Do not hesitate to contact us today!

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