26 Nov

Optimise video content for mobile devices.


Did you know that 50% of all YouTube views come via a mobile device? In fact, mobile video consumption is growing at such an incredible rate, it is predicted to account for 72% of all mobile traffic by 2019! If you host a video on your site then make sure that your content is optimised for mobile.


Collaborate with influencers.


Pay very close attention to YouTube, Vine, Facebook and Instagram video creators and the clout they have, both on the platforms, and off. An endorsement or mention of a product from an influencer can be extremely powerful for brands looking to tap into a specific audience.


Develop a cross-platform strategy.


Understand the pros and cons of posting to YouTube, Facebook, Vine, and Instagram, and what building a cross-platform video strategy really means. It isn’t enough to post/upload a video to YouTube and hope it gains hundreds of thousands of views. Make sure that you understand how the audience on Instagram differs from the audience on Snapchat or Facebook and post content accordingly.


Consider video length – It matters!


The length of the video content that works for you is dependent on your industry, audience, and video platform. The first 3-5 seconds are crucial in capturing the viewer’s attention, so make sure this isn’t wasted on unnecessary branding or a lengthy introduction.


Stick to a regular programming schedule.


Developing a consistent, programming schedule encourages viewers to return and see what’s new. It’s also helpful because planning out each video ensures that each works together and fits into the larger vision for your video marketing strategy.

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