10 Nov

In recent years, video storytelling has become the most popular way for marketers to get the brands closer to people. The reasons for this are numerous. Video production is not as expensive as it used to be. They prefer this media since it is easy to digest, and companies love it because it’s the best way to achieve true engagement and build loyalty. Additionally, stories are easily remembered and have always been a great way to evoke emotions. They make us identify with the characters portrayed.

Combining stories and video seems like a no-brainer if you want to reach the audience and make them react. If you also have come to this conclusion, but you’re not sure how to tell your story with video, we’ve got your back. Here are four steps to follow and get an effective brand video story.

Think of the Purpose of Your Brand.

Let’s make it clear right away, making money can’t be the purpose of your brand. It has to have a more significant meaning. Think of your brand as a legacy. What do you want to leave behind? How do you want to be remembered? What are your values? This step will help you understand who your target audience is and how you should approach them. When you have jotted down these details, you can move on.

Find Your Visual Identity.

Since you’re making a video, you need to think of presenting your brand visually. Pay attention to colours that represent what you stand for. Which places or landscapes you want to associate with your identity? It is also important to consider the sounds. Which music should be included? If you’re going to include voiceover, think of voices that represent your company the best. Is it a male voice, a female, an old person, or maybe a child?

Time to Get Emotional.

This step is crucial because now is the time to put yourself in a place of your target persona. Think of their problems and emotions and ways your brand can help them. How do your values resonate with the audience? In this step, your goal is to find a way to generate emotions and to present morals to bring your brand closer to the people. Show that you understand how your audience is feeling and how you can help them going forward in their lives.

Find an Authentic Way to Tell Your Story.

Now that you have the emotion, target audience, and the content of your story defined, it is time to be creative. Brainstorm which types of videos and styles of filming communicate the emotion you clarified earlier. Write all of your ideas down, and slowly start eliminating one by one based on their quality and how realistic they seem. It would be cool to have a leading celebrity to narrate your story, but in reality, it might seem a little challenging to get them to accept. Eventually, you’ll have one idea that will materialize.

All of these steps can divide into smaller ones, but these four should serve as a solid guideline for developing your ideas. Once you have defined everything, the only thing that remains is to make your video and to present it to the world. If you keep your audience in mind while designing your story, if you have a higher purpose and if you’re honest, there is no doubt that you’ll reach the right people and that your brand will earn their trust.

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