07 Aug

We have been using email for well over two decades. There are many alternatives and attachments that can sent within an e-mail thread. Apps and the cloud offer us diverse solutions to file sharing. People tend to engage more with video when it comes to communication because it is the most alike to our natural face to face encounters. We receive auditive as well as visual information, and in some way, the combination provides us with a clearer picture in comparison to written text. Going in depth can be tedious over e-mail and is usually time-consuming. Here are our reasons to switch to using video in your work environment:

The change is already happening.

A video is becoming the norm, and we can see this clearly on social platforms. People will click on a video far easier than they will read a lengthy Facebook post, even if the subject is interesting to them. That is because it requires more attention to read than to listen. In an office setting, it adds a human touch and a more fluid and fast exchange of information. Saving time is essential to any company, and clear communication is key to any relationship. Why not improve communication at work?

Adds more personality to work communication.

The office of today is not as formal is it used to be, companies are changing. They are hiring younger, more flexible staff members who like working in teams; who are technology friendly, and who aren’t afraid to be themselves. That’s not to say that those of us who have been here longer can’t benefit from a more personal approach to work communication. Instead of resisting the change, we should embrace it and let video portray more personal qualities to our coworkers. We can get just about the same experience as a face to face conversation through video.

Millennial-friendly workspace.

A large percentage of our consumers will most likely be millennials. But, in order to attract dynamic, fast-thinking millennials who can provide insight about consumers and help us to meet their demands, we need to have a work space that is fitting to them. Everyone else should be brought up to speed to move towards the trend and adapt to where things are headed.

To take it a step further, companies can implement video into their training process to ease learning.


The About Us page is all about your story. Reading about how a company got its start, and how it managed to get to where it is today may not be the most impactful way of getting your message across.
A video, on the other hand, can better communicate the atmosphere of the events, the personalities that made it all possible, the perspective of the company, and much more. It can all be achieved in a one or two-minute-long video, rather than a 300-word-long piece of text.


Video provides the opportunity for avoiding wasted staff hours. Having one person stop what their doing to train a new employee in a position isn’t as necessary as it used to be.

Stats say that in 2019, video will be 85% of what we see online. This Cisco report tells us that for the rest of the world, the stats come in at four-fifths, this means video will soon take over our technologies all around the globe. Learn more about using video as a resource in the office and how video can help you to communicate your message to customers.

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