07 Aug

There are some simple ways to turn a blog post into a video, using some beneficial new
technologies. This can provide companies with a new way to reach clients who are attracted to the simplicity and speed of video versus reading a long wordy blog post.

Create short professional videos.

Having a clear, to the point video will allow your brand to look professional and clean cut. Seekalook provides videos for branding and products, social media and business, education and corporate, property and investors and animation explainer videos.

Add a variety of media.

Include pictures and text from the blog. Add music to help transmit the right tone. These videos can be an introduction to you or your company, as well as updates, news and trends that are relevant to your field. This is an excellent way to keep existing clients interested and to introduce yourself to possible future clients.

Add specific reviews.

Create videos to help spotlight products or services that you provide. This gives the viewer the opportunity to see all the benefits of your product without spending a lot of time reading and investigating. Online culture makes it easy to share videos the consumer likes with friends and this is great for your company. More views, likes and exposure, in general, gets your brand’s name out there and this will turn into profit for your business.

Personalise branded videos.

One of the primary objectives of using video is generating interest among possible clients or reaching new followers on social media. After having exposed your company info or product, your company logo will be added to the final part of the video. This makes it easy for the viewer to identify you as a brand. We call this Brand Awareness, when you think of building something, the first thing that comes to mind?

Post and share.

Share your video through social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Related videos or a series of videos can be posted on your YouTube channel and linked back to your site in the description. Emails and newsletters are another way to get your videos viewed by existing and future clients.

Soon enough you will be sharing great videos that will take your company to the next level. Use video to promote your brand.

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