Social Media Video
06 May

Have you considered sharing short video content as a social marketing tactic? Short-form video content is streamed to us in a range of formats on a variety of social platforms such as:

Twitter = 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
Vine = 6 seconds.
YouTube = 15 minutes
Instagram Stories = 15 seconds and main feed Instagram is 60 seconds.
Snapchat = 60 seconds.
Facebook = 45 minutes.
LinkedIn = 10 minutes.


Show how to do something.


Showing your fans how to do something (e.g., solve a problem or challenge or use your product) is perhaps one of the easiest ways to jump into creating short video content. One challenge of creating short useful video is distilling your message into its simplest form.


Highlight your skills.


Show everyday situations with a twist! Because each video is short and engaging, it’s hard to watch just one. By showcasing your skills and including a call to action with your videos, you can be entertaining bring attention to your business. Show your audience what you can do and how it benefits them.


Showcase an event.


When a popular event or celebration is coming up on the calendar, it’s likely that others in your industry will be looking for relevant content to share. Post short video content that’s primed for sharing. Think about what you can create for the next event coming up in your industry.


Reveal a new product.


You don’t have to be overly promotional to showcase your products. You can make it fun by appealing to your audience’s natural curiosity. It appeals to the side of our human nature that wants to be the first to know.


Go behind the scenes.

A short video is a fun way to let your fans see the people behind the business—to show what happens behind closed doors. Whether it’s a tour of your office, an event you’re attending or just some behind-the-scenes downtime, showing the fun side of your business can be very effective. Your viewers will feel that they get a sense of who you are as a company (not just what you sell.)


Use what you have.


Professional videos look great, but you don’t need a huge budget to make an impact. Creative marketers can do amazing things with simple props and everyday objects. Some of the best short videos don’t rely on big-budget design and animation—they’re the ones that use everyday items.

The next time you check out your favourite brand on a social network, take note of any short video content they produce. What ideas do they spark?

With the video creation and editing tools we have at our disposal, it’s so easy for businesses to add short video content to their marketing mix.

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