Repurpose video content
25 Apr

So you’ve had a video produced for your business and your thinking of how to make the most of your footage. Or a particular video campaign didn’t perform well. So tear it apart repurpose it, repackage it and redistribute your video to improve performance. Repurposing is simply reusing and adapting existing content into different formats for different marketing channels, allowing you to target your audiences again in different ways.


Why Repurpose Video Content? Here are a few reasons why.


It improves your SEO, giving you a boost. Multiple pieces of content around the same topic can generate additional opportunities to target the desired keyword.

Reach a new audience – Repurposing your video content for different mediums allows you to meet an audience where they are. Giving you a wider distribution.

More video views.

Increase your ROI.

A way to refresh outdated content.

Save time: Rather than creating brand new content, you may get the results you’re looking for from reusing your existent videos in new ways.


Break Your Video into Smaller Clips.


How your audience interacts with video is based on where they view it. To engage viewers, it’s best to customise your video to the platform where it will be shared, whether it’s your website, a landing page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or elsewhere. When you plan out your video content, make sure to customise the video’s length for different platforms.

Twitter video’s maximum is 2 min 20 seconds.
Instagram’s video maxes out at 60 seconds.
Facebook 45 minutes.
Youtube – average video 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

Always upload your videos natively to your social media platform, as they autoplay in the viewers feed and they receive more views and better engagement.

If you have a video that follows an interview style, you can use shorter clips or quotes to form the basis of a Q&A/FAQ page.

Splice together clips from several testimonial videos to form one compelling, all-encompassing video.

Think about where your audience will view it, and what you want your audience to do next.

Longer, more in-depth video content is appropriate for mid-to-bottom funnel audiences, while shorter, broader videos will naturally appeal to people just learning about your product or service.


Transcribe your videos.


Transcribing your videos can make them more search-friendly because closed captions are something that Google can index, which helps with your SEO ranking.

Re-release your video with the transcript displayed below the frame as an interactive feature that engages audiences.

Include closed captions to your videos so you can reach audiences who can engage silently with your video. Versions with subtitles can work well in situations such as trade shows.

Edit your transcript and publish as a blog article that promotes your video.


Convert video to slides.


If you have a corporate video, demo, or tutorial video then you can convert them to slides. You can boost your video’s life by converting them to presentations and then sharing slides on SlideShare, SlideSnack, and any platform of your choice.

Turn your video into a podcast.

Especially if it’s educational in nature. You can upload it to iTunes (or a different platform) in both audio and video format.   Use internal videos like a corporate video.   If you have internal video footage then you can use that to show audiences a “behind the scenes” look at your company.

Make video bloopers.

If this works well within your business and brand you can always make a blooper video from any extra video out-takes that you might have. Comedy help to humanise your brand.

Pull still images from your video content.

You can always do screen grabs or ask your editor to prepare some frame stills from the footage being edited. Great for use on other content pieces, on your website, in your social media profiles, etc.

Did you know that you can also repurpose your images, gifs, screen grabs and infographics and use them to make a video?

Each time you are planning to create a new video, think about all the ways that you can use it. With these tips on repurposing video content, you’ll be getting the most value, offering a richer experience to your customers and creative to use in social media.

Do you have any other methods of repurposing content?

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