Promote your business with video
30 Jan

Video marketing is a great resource to communicate the story and brand behind your business. If done appropriately, video marketing can:

Generate leads better than any other type of content

Increase brand awareness without having to go through the costly process of a branding overhaul

Provide a whole new level of understanding, trust, and appreciation in your customer base to support your products
Given these benefits, what can be done to differentiate your video marketing endeavours from the pack?


Make a YouTube channel and post regularly.


YouTube has historically been the place for DIY tutorials and music videos – but the times have changed. In 2018, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google with over 30 million visitors each day. Despite this popularity, only 9% of small businesses use the platform!

Kickstarting a profile on YouTube with an introductory video is a great way to start. The nature of the content going forward can vacillate between how-to videos, interviews with employees, behind-the-scenes footage of your business operations, and so much more. YouTube is the ideal platform for the stories about your business to get seen and understood. Just remember to add a textual call-to-action in your videos as they play for maximum engagement.


Build a solid base of user-generated content.


The connection between YouTube and social media platforms might seem obvious from the outside, but in practice, it proves hard to integrate. Strive to build a reciprocal digital community that is willing to engage with your brand as much as you are willing to share with them. The key to this reciprocity is building a solid base of user-generated content.

User-generated content is essentially videos made by your customers showing how to use your products or how your products have benefitted them in some way. It’s the video equivalent of a review, and they can be incredibly effective marketing tools. You can incentivise making user-generated content by hosting a contest in which the creator of the most popular video wins a prize package, for example.


Make a ‘Thank you’ video of your team after a sale goes through.


A lot of people think video marketing is purely about drawing in leads. It’s not. The real contribution with video marketing is that it affects all aspects of your interaction with the public, including customer retention after a sale.

A ‘Thank You’ video is the ideal kind of impersonal marketing you can utilise with video. A 20-second clip of your employees saying thank you is far more personable than a written note – no matter how eloquently it is written.


The final word.


Promoting your business using video means getting creative in a whole lot of ways. Doing away with conventional video advertisement and finding cost-effective ways to grow your customer base is hard creative work, but the payoff is huge.

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