02 Nov

Due to fast smartphone technology growth, video enthusiasts have entirely abandoned the use of bulky cameras. Professional cameras are still the best choice for filmmakers but, in the year 2018, you can do so much with your iPhone, especially if you’re not ready to pay big bucks for the finest equipment. Still, making high-quality video material is not a piece of cake. There are some details that you have to consider if you want a masterpiece as a result of your iPhone filming session. Here are some tips that will help you out.

Choose the Right App.

It is great that you can access your default camera app from the lock screen, but if you want to use your Iphone’s camera to its fullest potential, you should download FiLMiC Pro. Yes, your camera has more abilities than you thought! The app costs about $15, but ask anyone about FiLMiC Pro, and you’ll hear the app is worth every penny. It allows you to shoot at a higher bitrate, which gives your image a higher quality, something that you surely want. Additionally, all sorts of fine tunings are available, such as exposure settings, white balance, and focus.

Don’t Let a Shaky Video Ruin the Impression.

Another way to be more professional is to use a stabilizer when recording. Shaky footage is a big no-no, so get a tripod, and you’ll make steady shots. The ideal solution is a gimbal which costs more than a tripod, but it reduces shakes and keeps the camera levelled. It allows smooth movements while shooting hand-held and makes an illusion that the camera is floating in the air. Cool, right?

Add an External Microphone to Record Sound.

One of the primary attributes of an excellent video is a good quality of sound. You don’t want background noises to make your beautiful shots appear amateurish. So don’t rely on iPhone’s built-in microphone. An external mike is what you need. It doesn’t mean paying hundreds of dollars for a high-end shotgun microphone. Try putting another iPhone or an external audio recorder close to your sound source, and you’ll get decent results.

Always Bring as Much Light as Possible.

Every filmmaker will tell you that lighting adds character to your footage. It is as simple as that. It creates an atmosphere, emphasizes specific details, and makes things more or less dramatic. If the lighting doesn’t fit the mood that you’re trying to achieve, your video will look unrealistic and unconvincing. That’s why light always has to be on your mind. Try to record in spaces where you have enough daylight. If you’re shooting in a basement or some other dark place, try playing with a lamp. It might sound a bit unprofessional, but if you direct light at the right angle, the results will be surprisingly satisfying.

The development of new technologies allows us to record high-quality footage using only our iPhone. If you pay attention to a few details and add a couple of tools, your video can be breathtaking. But, keep in mind that filmmaking is, first of all, a form of art. No device will make you a good filmmaker. So be creative, experiment and play with your tools, and you will make magic eventually.

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