Facebook Video Marketing
19 Jul

There are 1.65 billion monthly users with an extremely diverse audience. there is no getting away from the power of Facebook, especially when you are trying to build your online presence. People want visuals, audio clips and colours which can trigger their imagination. And, as you probably know, videos are even more eye-catching than a regular text post.

Keep your video short.

Short, intriguing videos keep content fresh and entertaining for fans and have the potential of being shared virally. It’s best to create visual videos with little narration so that fans can watch in any location regardless of language and culture. Facebook says that videos less than 2 minutes are more effective than those with long stories.

Educate your audience.

Before educating your audience, educate yourself about your target audience. Try and dig into what they are they looking for and then meet their needs with a compelling video. People love to get instant solutions and if your video is what they are looking for.

Make the first few seconds count.

You just have two seconds to grab the attention of the viewers and if your video is dry, or takes time to load, there are higher chances of people clicking the stop or cancel button. The best way to boost engagement is to create curiosity, ask a question or build up suspense, which are simple techniques that have become a rule of thumb.

Choose a compelling thumbnail.

When your video doesn’t play automatically, it will show a still image before someone clicks the play button. Like YouTube, Facebook calls this image, a video thumbnail, and Facebook’s ad creation tool allows you to choose from images in your video or upload your own image. Facebook recommends, “Choose something interesting to draw your audience in. If your thumbnail image has text in it, keep in mind it’s also subject to our 20% text policy, so choose something with minimal text.” The recommended text length is 90 characters of ad copy, which works since it will be displayed on smaller screens.

Schedule your videos for maximum viewing.

The ability to schedule and post ahead of time is a bonus, especially when your audience is in a different time zone. Setting up a publishing schedule for your Facebook page will help you organise your videos according to your audience availability, and ensure that you can coordinate any campaign pushes across other distribution sites at the same time. Scheduling couldn’t be any easier, just choose the ‘Schedule Post’ option from the dropdown menu as you go through the upload process.

Be entertaining.

Entertain with informal, behind-the-scenes interviews at your company or create something fun like an animated explainer video that has a business purpose. With so many production houses out there, it’s a piece of cake to get such videos made.

Keep your online existence stable.

If your goal is to release new video content continuously, but you’re not sure what is too much or not enough, try posting video content every other week, then polling your Facebook fans to see if they want to see more or less original content from your brand. This is a good way to determine the consistency of video content that works best for your audience.

Don’t forget the call-to-action tab.

The Facebook Call-to-Action button allows you to draw attention to a video on your website from your Facebook cover image. CTA tabs can be a website traffic-driver for people who visit your page. There are several options for the Call-to-Action button, including “Watch Video”. Therefore, the cover photo also has to focus on what is in the video behind the button.

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