Explainer versus Testimonial Videos
28 Feb

Which one should I use? Who Should I send them to?


A video is a powerful communication tool but perhaps you’re wondering how you can use video in your newsletters to drive your sales with new and existing customers. I’d like to share two types of video that can be used within your newsletters and give you an outline of ways to use them and who you should send them to.


The Explainer Video.


This type of video is the classic “How it works” video. It has the ability to communicate how your product or service works. The reason why this type of video does so well is that it tends to do what text cannot by keeping your viewer engaged. The easiest way to think of an explainer video is this is your elevator pitch to simply define your product or service and what makes it great. Explainers videos are usually created using a voiceover from a written script. So you need to be concise and truly explain how something is done.


So, How do I use an Explainer video?


In it’s most basic form, the explainer video can be used to give an overall idea of your product or service. This type of video can also be used to introduce new features or product lines, let people know you exist, combine live action with animation, evoke or provoke an emotion, give an overview of the WHO•WHAT•WHY of your business. Explainer videos can also be used to share vital messages and communicate internal communications within companies.


The benefits of using an explainer video.


Explainer videos increase conversion rates and can retain people that would have bounced from your web or left your mailing having seen the explainer text. If people have a better idea of what it is that you do coupled with knowing that information faster, then it’s very likely they’ll convert to a sale faster than if your explainer was done without the use of a video.


Who should you send this video to?


Since the explainer video assumes that someone doesn’t know how your product or service works, it’s a good idea to send this video to lists of potential customers. The exception here is if you are creating smaller, bite-sized explainer videos on new features or products then your current customers would also benefit. Or customers that have ‘expired’ (they stopped buying from you a long time ago). In the time that they have since left you, your product or service might have changed in a way that now meets their needs. Sending them an email with the explainer video is an excellent way to reintroduce them to your brand and re-engage them.



The Testimonial video.


Testimonials go a long way in proving that you are the brand people should choose. This type of video is a great way to tell your business’s story. Most companies already have a testimonials page on their website but producing them in video format will make them even more powerful. They serve as a platform to show off how others have benefited from your product or service, making it a powerful tool for establishing trust and encouraging potential buyers to take action.


So, How do I use a Testimonial video?


On the most basic level, testimonial videos can be used to transfer written testimonials into video format. They bring life and authenticity to your business and are a great way to highlight specific features that can help frame why certain businesses or people might choose you. They are evidence that you can do what you say you can do. Make sure to deliver a message which is relevant and that resonates, keeping your video interesting and authentic.


The benefits of using a testimonial video?


They add a human, emotional connection. Unlike the explainer video, the testimonial video can be centred on the feelings and opinions of another person outside the company which adds a human and emotional element that sometimes is hard to find in an explainer video. This connection is what drives us to either trust the brand (or not). They can be cost-effective, unlike an explainer video, testimonial videos can be made without expensive animations, actors or script-writing.


Who should you send this video to?


The testimonial video assumes that someone is familiar with your brand and what you do but are currently in the consideration period. Essentially they need a little help deciding and the testimonial video is aiming to push them over the line into your arms. Knowing this, the testimonial video is something you should be sending to potential customers. Testimonial videos can also be used to up sell to current customers. For example, if you have a testimonial for a particular feature or service, this could be sent to a current customer that are not yet using that service.


One last thing to think about.


Regardless of what kind of video you are sending and who you are sending to, it’s very important to attach videos as a link to your emails. You can do this by linking a call-to-action, text or by linking a thumbnail preview. If you upload your video directly into a newsletter, you risk getting caught in spam traps and harming your overall deliverability.
We hope that this post has been of some benefit to you in your decision to look into video as a means of getting your message across in the most effective manner.

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