Training Videos
09 Jun

Training videos have a lot of advantages for both trainer and trainee, alike. Not only are they more accessible via mobile devices but they also allow students to get on board more quickly.

They provide a higher degree of retention and can be used for numerous purposes, such as product launches, to mandatory training. Companies can create an entire library of these training videos that employees can access at any time, allowing them on-demand access and the possibility to learn at their own pace.

Nevertheless, educational or training videos can quickly lose the viewer’s interest if they are not captivating enough. With that said, here are several tips on how to make your training videos more engaging.


Connect with the Audience.


For your training video to be engaging and able to keep people’s attention, it needs to connect with them on a personal level. It means that you will need to use the so-called “talking head” technique, at least in the beginning. As its name would suggest, this is where the instructor is filmed directly while they hold the presentation. When the students can see the person talking, it’s much easier for them to form a personal connection and be more engaged to listen attentively.


Preparing the Script.


The first thing you need to consider is whether to speak from a script or freely. Both have their series of pros and cons. While speaking freely allows you to be more natural, there are also more chances that you may leave something out or that the whole narrative will not be consistent. The better alternative is to speak based on a script. Nevertheless, you will have to make it sound like actual speech and not like you are reading from a piece of paper.

You will have to read it aloud as you are developing it, and you need to practice it beforehand to get the words right, as well as to sound natural. It will help you come across as more confident and will allow you to avoid all those dreaded “um”s and “uh”s.


Keep it Short.


Whatever type of training videos you will be doing, their overall length should not exceed 9 minutes. Also, consider planning your words carefully so you can be as succinct as possible. Training videos need to captivate people’s attention through the information they provide and not through your storytelling abilities.

Likewise, speak slowly and carefully. Every one of us has an accent, whether we are aware of it or not, and we should articulate our speech as much as possible. Technical issues that you explain in detail should always be presented with slow and precise expression.




Whether you are doing training videos for your employees or your customers, one thing is for sure – millennials use training and how-to videos all the time in their attempt to better themselves both personally and professionally.

As one of the most consumed forms of content on the internet, videos have the power to capture people’s attention more than text or PowerPoint presentations can. Consider hiring a professional to do your training videos, and you will be sure to see a significant ROI on them.

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