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19 Mar

A Facebook video should be an integral part of your digital marketing and lead generation budget. If it’s not, then you are missing out on a huge component of your target market every single day. As video advertising shifts from the formal to the informal, uploading native videos to social media channels is proving to be a lucrative outlet for businesses engaged in B2B or B2C relationships.

Here are five tips for your creative video endeavours on the most popular social media platform in the world.

Always provide context.

A video without context is like a product that serves no one’s purposes. The value of context should be self-evident: as one of many videos comprising an overall marketing strategy, each video you release should have a specific purpose and come with a CTA.

Offer exclusive content.

Generating views will become harder as more businesses shift to video over text. What can you do about it? Pack your videos with exciting offers and exclusive content! It keeps your audience on their toes (because they never know what you might offer in a video) and thus tunes their focus into what you are selling in the video.

Captions are a must.

Let’s say you are making an experimental video that shows the behind-the-scenes footage in your store. This kind of video is great for content but comes with evident challenges – namely, how to ensure the audio is strong throughout. Well guess what: you don’t have to worry about it! Captioning is the textual equivalent of the audio being processed in the video. It can either be open (so it’s always showing on the bottom of the screen) or closed (it can be enabled but otherwise not present on the screen). Accompanying all your videos with captions is good for those who are hard of hearing and as a clear summary of what is discussed in the video.

Tag those in your video.

Integration of social platforms has become commonplace in the past couple of years. You can make a video on Instagram and share it on Facebook, for example. To make the most of this inter-connectivity of platforms, you should tag the people and things you talk about throughout the video. Remember: it does not always have to be sales oriented. People love to be lead down surprising roads of inquiring, and you can do that by tagging people and things unrelated to the topic of your video.

Make use of Insights.

Facebook Insights has become like the Google Analytics of the video world. Understanding consumer behaviour across platforms, segmenting target markets based on likes and dislikes, and so much more can all be done in this free software.
Creative Videos Will Drive Lead Generation and Increase Brand Recognition.
The nice thing about working with Facebook video is that technology has become quite user-friendly and intuitive. If you are not sure exactly how to upload videos to your page, there are answers to be found in the ‘Get Started’ section of the Facebook Media page. Whether you are looking to create official video advertisement or an off-the-cuff creative video, make sure you follow these five best practices in your approach, otherwise, you risk producing content that no one is interested (or can find!).

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