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A selection of successful client videos

We work with great clients. Here are a few short extracts from the videos showing how we helped clients educate, entertain, and increase their reach, impact and engagement with better visual storytelling videos.

The Open University

The Open University is a world leader in flexible distance learning. We develop profile videos for the OU’s excellence and innovation in teaching and learning to showcase lecturers demonstrating their good practice approach to their growing teaching-learning community.

The videos helped the students improve their retention and progression which helped their pass and completion rates of study. Over 200 students watched online delivered by academics who engaged students with cutting edge technology.

Dr Nicolette Habgood, Senior Lecturer

Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins is a leading British builder’s merchant with more than 1,900 stores across the UK. As part of their ongoing business partnerships with specialist manufacturers, they sell in-store. They wanted to collaborate with bespoke timber staircase manufacturer TwoTwenty to create a series of promotional product videos to show the quality of service they deliver.

The promotional product videos were used on the website and across other channels, primarily as a new business generator. They helped drive SEO which led to a 200% increase in website enquiries and a significant rise in sales.

Scott Peden, Managing Director

Institute of Acoustics

The Institute of Acoustics is the UK’s professional body for those working in Acoustics, Noise, Sound and Vibration. The video provides a showcase of the different areas of expertise found in the world of acoustics. From disciplines in aerodynamics, architectural and building acoustics. To electroacoustics, engineering dynamics, noise and vibration, hearing, speech, underwater acoustics, and a variety of environmental aspects.

We use the video within all of our marketing communications to gain valuable insight into the different branches in the field of acoustics. The engagement has been a success to our 3000 members and learned society programmes.

Alex Shaida , Head of Marketing

BHR Group

BHR Group provides technical solutions to industry through a variety of fluid engineering-based products and services. Their Diajet Abrasive water jetting system is unique and complex. To show that it solves challenges for nuclear site licensing companies on Nuclear Decommissioning, we created a case study documentary-style video about the device’s functionality.

They were able to achieve things we weren’t sure were possible. Their ability to ask the right questions, understand something completely new and turn it into a clear video that has impact and relevance is incredibly impressive. These ideas really helped bring our experience to life and we are all delighted with the finished product.

Kate Goldberg, Head of Marketing


Sava is a business that provides educational, technological and compliance services to building owners. They have developed software called Intelligent Energy which can calculate the in-depth energy efficiency of housing stocks while giving insights on how they can improve their properties for zero carbon. We created Sava’s video with a test and see approach to drive engagement.

We were delighted with the video. We now have 200+ local authorities & housing associations using our technology..

Austin Baggett, Managing Director

The Martin Cliffe Practice

The Martin Cliffe Practice provides financial advice to private and corporate clients. They offer access to pensions, investments, mortgages, and protection products from some of the UK’s biggest brands. Their objective was to have an introductory video outlining their 3 step process so new customers understood they had a strategy-led approach.

They produced an exceptionally high-quality video to the strategy with a clear vision for how the video could look. It’s an engaging and concise video that outlines how people are important, our diverse range of clients, and the difference we make for them. The video is a massive success that we use as a tool in all strategic financial planning meetings.The feedback has been great!

Martin Cliffe, Practice Principal

Online Business School

The Online Business School allows students to earn a UK university degree without leaving home. To promote this unique service on Youtube, we opted for an engaging animation video keeping it captivating enough that people would stop scrolling through other content long enough to notice it.

We entrusted their leadership to put in place a solid strategy for our video. We were fascinated with the outcome because it showed the learning journey and benefits of becoming a student with our program! It’s worked wonders – we’ve seen an increase in new students worldwide…

Laura Dumitru
Social Media Marketing Manager

Namaste Laboratories

Namasté Laboratories creates holistic, innovative remedies for hair, skin and bodies. Their brand ORS is the leading ethnic hair care market product. To enhance their message about “beautiful hair comes in all types”, We created a vlog for their social media campaign #nostereotypes

The production was a success, and we were able to capture lots of brand assets for our European and US campaigns. Social media engagement increased significantly, which helped in sales.

Taniqua Bennett, Head of Brand

The Open University in Scotland

The Open University in Scotland is the largest provider of part-time undergraduate higher education in Scotland. The Career Readiness program helps students explore career options by providing them with the necessary tools to make informed decisions during different stages. We created four videos that explained each step: Achieve, Discover, Explore and Progress – tailoring careers and employability support to the students and graduates as they progress through these stages of their lives.

They produced an exceptionally high-quality video to the strategy with a clear vision for how the video could look. It’s an engaging and concise video that outlines how people are important, our diverse range of clients, and the difference we make for them. The video is a massive success that we use as a tool in all strategic financial planning meetings.The feedback has been great!

Martin Cliffe, Practice Principal


Sondrel is a trusted provider of high-quality, complex designs across multiple end markets. They provide turnkey service from system to silicon supply and have appeared in hundreds of leading-edge products, including mobile phones, cameras, security systems, AR/VR systems and more. The idea was to create a video for their conference that would be interesting, futuristic and engaging. They needed the video to have fast-paced editing, sci-fi special effects and an international appeal to capture viewers.

The professional video effectively positioned us as a solutions provider and visually referenced our system to silicon supply products. Everyone was easy to work with, creative, quick on their feet. They came up with great ideas that enhanced the production, which increased engagement of our website & social media platforms.

Sian Bentley-Magee, Head of Marketing

Opus 2

Opus 2 provides cloud-based legal technology and services to connect people, case information, analysis and data throughout the lifecycle of a dispute. Combined with their services expertise, Opus 2 also deliver electronic trials and hearings worldwide. They were looking for a series of videos to promote their success stories on social media. We created a news/journalistic video to summarise their client’s story of using Opus 2’s virtual hearing solution.

We were delighted with the outcome of our Verisona Law case study video. We really liked the style of the video as it used both contextual clips and situational ones to help tell a story in a more journalistic way. We published it on LinkedIn and Twitter and it performed really well, driving people to our website to read the full case study and to explore more about our solutions and services.

Kelly Paxman
Senior Digital Marketing Executive

Liz Male Consulting

LMC is an award-winning team of experienced PR and communications experts specialising in property, construction and the built environment. From time to time, we create videos for them and their client’s needs. Some of these include TwoTwenty Stairs, Travis Perkins and Wood for Good. We filmed a professional video showcasing Saint-Gobain Weber’s new industrial mortar product with “Low Dust Technology” filmed in slow motion to include footage of powder dust particles, a set up for typical floor installations, and an interview with the Product Expert.

We love the video and all of its cinematic style. We regularly turn to Seekalook when we have jobs that are too big for us or that require more expertise. They’re always a pleasure to work with, which is why they’ll remain one of our first choices whenever such projects arise in the future.

Liz Male, Managing Director

What Our Client Says

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    They created an impactful intro sequence for our videos and the results were top class. They listened intently to our brief and took into account the desired style within our strategy which is exactly what we hoped for. They are full of advice, vastly experienced and will work wonders for your brand.

    • Sam Hurley, Managing Director - Optim-Eyez
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    They are extremely creative and professional, who think outside the box offering valued guidance and suggestions to expand and enhance your objectives. They work impeccably without comprising the finished result. Full of experience, strong on vision and a real pleasure to work with.

    • Christina Neizer, Brand & Marketing, Aegis Vision

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