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02 Apr

It was three years ago now that Tyler Lessard predicted 2015 would be the Year of Video Marketing. The prediction turned out to be quite an understatement, as video marketing has gone on to be the most influential marketing strategy every year since then.

A number of things have changed since 2015 mind you. Video analytics has improved immensely. The amount of time people spend watching videos on mobile devices has shot through the roof (partly due to businesses making better use of video on social media). And, perhaps most importantly, technological advancements have made it easier to create and publish animated videos of all shapes and sizes. Given all these changes, businesses can approach lead generation through video marketing in a bunch of exciting ways. Here are five strategies to help you generate more conversions with your video marketing content.


Know your audience.


Every marketing initiative is defined by how well you know your audience. We are not talking about your ‘ideal customer’ that must be somewhere out there. No, we are talking about making ‘buyer personas’: a detailed summary of who it is that searches for your company, and what it is they like or dislike. If you do the proper research and create super specific buyer persona’s, you will then be able to curate content that matches the interest of your base – which includes doing proper SEO for your videos.

Knowing your audience does not stop there. Once you start producing videos over a couple months, you absolutely must analyze the performance of each video to see what works and what does not. A/B testing within videos is always a good idea, as is playing with the length of your videos depending on which ones get the most engagement.


 Short form videos.


While video length is certainly something to optimise for your specific target market, the majority of research out today indicates that ads played during short videos perform better than ads played during long videos. To clarify: if you have advertisements in videos under 10 minutes, they will probably drive more customers to look you up.


Tutorials are educational and impactful.


According to research by OptinMonster, there is absolutely no debate on the merits of explainer videos: 97% of businesses in the study that use explainer videos say it helps customers understand their business better. In the quest to generate more conversions, one of the most important steps is educating consumers on the value of a product. Explainer videos do that in spades.


User-generated content.


Finally, always make space in your publishing schedule for user-generated content. Often presented in the form of customer testimonials, user-generated content is the ideal way to tap into the visually attuned Millennial and Generation X demographics – a younger segment of shoppers who also enjoy engaging directly with companies they like.




A video is a great way to speak directly to your audience and get a sense for what it is they want, and how you can help them. According to Wyzowl, 79% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product. When it comes to lead generation, these five strategies will cut through the chatter and offer potential customers valuable incentive to support your business. An advertisement should never be impersonal and bland, and with video, you can make personal and engaging content that appeals across the demographic spectrum.

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