B2B Videos
20 Jun

Have you added tags to your videos?

Adding meta tags help people find your content and increase the likelihood of you turning up in the right-hand column while someone is looking at a related video.
There are various ways in which you can work out what tags to use. Check out what tags your competition have used.

. Right-click next to their video.
. Selecting ‘Inspect source’
. Press Ctrl +F and type ‘Keyword’. See what they’ve been up to.
. See if their tags are relevant to your video.

You can add the extension VidIQ.

VidIQ is a handy Chrome extension app which suggests tags for your video based on the ones you’ve already entered.

Have you added cards to your videos?.

Cards encourage interactivity – they’re little teasers that appear in the upper right-hand corner. You can use them to link to the rest of your channel, poll viewers, promote your website, or even ask for donations. You can add up to 5 cards to a video.

Have you added default content?

Instead of repeating the same information about your business in each video, you can set up some default information. Think of it as the equivalent of your email signature. This is also where you can add default tags for your videos (i.e tags that apply to all your content.)

Have you uploaded a watermark?

You can upload your logo (or any other image) to appear in all your videos, either at a particular moment, such as the end of the video, or for its entirety. It’s an easy way to maintain brand consistency.

Have you uploaded a transcript or closed captions?

This not only makes your content more searchable, but it also increases your video’s accessibility.

Don’t limit yourself to YouTube.

Search engines don’t penalise duplicate video content, so why not upload your video natively to Facebook, or to other video platforms such as Vimeo? Even better, if you really value your content, make it available as gated content so you can collect leads.

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