01 Oct

With the almost overwhelming amount of content out there, it’s becoming more difficult to capture people’s attention. With hundreds of millions of email being sent every single day, alongside our shrinking attention spans, and other such similar factors at-play, gaining qualified leads is becoming harder than ever. Nevertheless, personalized videos can help.

In short, personalized video content is the type of video that will automatically incorporate the viewer’s details such as name, title, company, logos, and other such information. Various personalization tools will allow marketers to create larger and scalable volumes of personalized video content and thumbnails at a more affordable cost.

This sort of video will allow you to stand out from the rest by providing people with something else than what they are used to and faced with on a daily basis. When your audience sees their name or the company they work for, they will immediately be more engaged and feel like they take part in your story.

With that said, here are six ways to personalize your video content to gain more leads.

Campaign Videos.

In general, campaign videos are the focal point of every video marketing campaign. From a marketing perspective, these videos can be used in many ways, including the promotion of various events, webinars, downloadable content, etc. They are typically designed to make the viewer take the next step in fulfilling your marketing goal.
With personalized campaign videos you can better attract and engage with your audience by adding their name to help them better integrate into your narrative.


When your sales team sends an email to a lead, they can also include a photo of the lead’s website in the video. It will provide a perfect opportunity to address their needs in a more direct and obvious way. It would be the same way as if you had to turn the discussion in that direction manually.

Company Culture Videos.

Another great way to attract leads to your side is by presenting them with behind-the-scenes moments that depict your company culture. It can be a great and fun way of attracting people by adding their name somewhere in the video so that they feel closer to your business as a whole.


Webinars are an equally good example of where the personalized video comes in handy. By adding their name, company, or job title on the first screen or the footer, you will gain more leads by leading your audience into believing that you’ve curated that webinar with them in mind, specifically.

Event Invitations.

If you have an upcoming event or a product launch, personalized videos can maximize your email marketing efforts. These sorts of invitations work best when they are specifically tailored to the individual. Nothing is more personal in this regard than a video that contains that person’s name, photo, or other such details.

Onboarding New Customers.

Customer onboarding is the process of nurturing new leads so they can get acquainted with your product. You can make these leads feel more valued and welcome if you include their names, as well as a photo of their customer service manager in your personalized video.


Personalizing your video content is an excellent way of attracting new leads and increase your revenue. They will make your prospective clients feel more firmly attached to your business, all the while you provide them with products and services that will satisfy their needs. With Seekalook, you can make all of this possible. Contact us today for more information on personalized video and video marketing as a whole.

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