Sun and Beach
22 Aug

Are you about to travel? Perhaps you are still planning on squeezing in one more destination for some needed time off? If you’ve recently travelled, then did you capture hours of stunning footage and now wondering what to do with it? Capturing photos and videos of your experience can be a great way of keeping the memories of your travels intact, but it can equally become a boring, mess of video cluttering up your hard drive.

Here are some tips you can take onboard in filming and editing your travel footage.

Capture the key elements.

Leaving: (Including all the transportation used, planes, trains and automobiles.)

Arriving: (The accommodation and landscapes.)

Major Events: (Happenings from your journey. Kids, pets, at the pool, at the beach and family enjoying themselves.)

Preparing: The journey home. (Packing your suitcases.)

Arriving: The arrival home. (Your partner leaning back with a beverage, signing ‘home sweet home.)

Focus on the people.

Capture cute moments on your trip like conversations and where you, your kids, your group, are standing in front of the landmarks. Lag behind your companions to shoot them walking, climbing etc. Race in front to get some footage of them walking towards you.

Asking questions on camera can help capture something of their experience too. Simple ones like ‘Where are we?’ ‘What are you doing?’ ‘What’s it like?’ Shoot them while they are engaged in something.

Is handheld video ok?

Handheld video is always ok, especially with travel videos. You can always use auto-stabilisation software and programs like Hyperlapse are pretty great at keeping your shot watchable. Or get yourself a Monopod so you can take a steady shot.

Capture photos to enhance your edit.

Take plenty of photos and add them to your video so it looks more complete, more dynamic and interesting. If your using a phone then make sure to turn it sideways, landscape. So your videos and photos are the same dimensions.

Tips on editing your summer holiday footage.

Organise your photos and videos folders.

Keep it short under 3 minutes.

Keep the chronological order of how things happened and add titles to your video.

Use transitions from videos to photos.

Most travel video clips are short, typically less than 3 seconds.

Use wide, medium and close up shots to keep things different.

Add music to add emotion and enhance your video’s look and feel.

Use royalty-free music sites, such as and

Time the cuts and transitions to the beats in the music. This works especially well if you’re mixing in a bit of slow-mo content with a deep, moody soundtrack.

Here’s a link to the best video editing software.

It’s easy to get carried away and film everything.

This can make editing a bit of a headache. Shoot short shots. Have the final video in mind when you’re shooting, and be selective. These days the smartphone in your pocket can help you record precious moments. Travel makes for the kind of quality family time that makes for those quality memories. Today we can create and curate these memories in many ways. Memories are not just in our heads, but on our phones, on our cameras and on our computers. With new technology the moment is no longer just a moment; it’s an Instagram picture, a Facebook album, a blog, a Storify, a YouTube channel and much more.

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